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Book cover for Advances in Accounting Education, a book by Thomas G. Calderon

Advances in Accounting Education

2020 ᛫
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Advances in Accounting Education(AAE) is a high-quality publication of both empirical and non-empirical research that investigates vital matters within teaching, learning, and curriculum development. By focusing on these topics, it works to support the improvement of accounting programs at colleges and universities, as well as foster innovative discussion and significant contributions to faculty development.

This 24th volume features 11 peer-reviewed papers surrounding five key themes: (1) research on student attitudes and behavior, (2) cases and pedagogical approaches in tax, (3) financial reporting and introductory accounting, (4) research about the CPA exam, and (5) international perspectives. It considers a variety of topics within these themes, from student study choices and changes in ethical attitudes over time to policy implications for the accounting profession. It even includes an instructional case for use in intermediate accounting courses and a comprehensive pedagogical approach (with a case) for teaching a complex topic in taxation. With international and nuanced perspectives from expert voices in the field, AAE is essential reading for students and accounting educators. Some practitioners and regulators in the accounting profession may also find useful policy-related nuggets in Volume 24.