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Book cover for Corporate Financial Distress:  Restructuring and Turnaround, a book by Alberto  Tron

Corporate Financial Distress

Restructuring and Turnaround
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Available from 21 Jan 2021
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Financial distress in corporations is a frequent phenomenon, particularly during times of national and international economic crises; but this can be used as an opportunity and incentive to implement a systematic process of reorganization and revitalization of a business. These plans for recovery can lead to future successes and sustainability rather than just a fix to ensure survival of the business. Crises, if managed promptly from a strategic point of view, can lead to pragmatic changes and bring new value to the company, avoiding market foreclosure and the negative social consequences.

Corporate Financial Distress, Restructuring and Turnaround identifies a recovery plan, monitoring, deployment and provides tools to direct economic crises towards financial success in the future and financial stability in the short term. An analysis scheme has been developed and is provided to help measure economic, financial and strategic performance with the why, how and what in relation to the recovery plan. A model for the detection and evaluation of the economic-financial performance implemented by an execution of a recovery plan and a set of indicators for evaluating the variables activated by the process of strategic change are identified.

Tron uses alert analysis perspective to examine crises and recovery in business to outline discontinuity with the past in order to address strategic organizational changes and lead the financial process of rehabilitation towards success.