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Book cover for Econaissance:  The Reimagined School and the Culture of Entrepreneurialism, a book by Piero  Formica


The Reimagined School and the Culture of Entrepreneurialism
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The intertwining of Economics, Knowledge and Renaissance, introduced by Piero Formica in this book as ‘Econaissance’, fosters the culture of entrepreneurialism, and imagines the reawakening of learning and culture. Acknowledging that schools of thought inherited from the past must be reimagined to give birth to this new age, this book maps out how stakeholders across society can become agents of this unique pathway to economic development.  

Formica offers readers an innovative perspective, asking not just how me might do better what we already do, but also how we can engage in activities beyond the economic sphere, and help to usher in the dawn of a new renaissance age that acts on the principles of human knowledge as well as the economy. In doing so, Econaissance highlights the figure of the ‘Ideator’, the polymath of the twenty-first century, set to become the ultimate athlete of social progress fuelled by sustainable and environmentally friendly economic development. This book will equip educators, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and more to play a part in this imagined future.