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Book cover for Executive Presentations:  Develop presence to speak with confidence and skill, a book by Jacqui  Harper

Executive Presentations

Develop presence to speak with confidence and skill
2018 ᛫
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*SHORT-LISTED FOR THE BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS 2019!*This book equips executives to give compelling and clear presentations: the kind of presentations that drive corporate change and innovation AND make reputations. And it’s all down to presence. Presence works at three levels - what you say, how you use your body, and your mindset.  Level 1: Discover how to transform ideas and business messages with a simple 5-step tool.Level 2: Learn how to leverage your physical presence when speaking, including your style, body language and vocal presence. Level 3: Speak with confidence and resilience by developing your mindset, with four powerful tools to transform the way you think as you prepare to present. Jacqui Harper writes in a warm, authoritative style. Her rich blend of tools, tips and expert advice will help you become a consistently outstanding communicator.