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Book cover for First Aid for your Child's Mind:  Simple steps to soothe anxiety, fears and worries, a book by Alicia  Eaton

First Aid for your Child's Mind

Simple steps to soothe anxiety, fears and worries
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Soothe your child’s anxiety and help them to develop emotional resilience for the future. The number of children suffering from anxiety is on the rise and most parents will readily admit that they feel ill prepared and lost for words when it comes to supporting their child’s emotional wellbeing. Author Alicia Eaton is a Harley Street practitioner with over 15 years’ experience of helping children to feel more confident and overcome feelings of anxiety. As she explains, nearly all children will sustain bumps and bruises on the outside of their body so it’s only natural that they’ll also pick up a few on the inside, in the form of anxiety and worries. Learning how to tackle these quickly, stops them from turning into much bigger problems later. Whether your child has a fear of dogs, spiders, dentists or injections, struggles with school, performing on stage or sleeping at night, this book will teach you the simple solutions every parent needs to know. When your child feels happy, you’ll feel happier too.