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Book cover for Quest for a Cave, a book by Judy  Hayman

Quest for a Cave

2014 ᛫
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Emily, a small Scottish blue dragon, lives with Mum and Dad and younger brother Tom in a cave in a remote Highland glen. When they discover that a holiday camp is being built at the bottom of the glen – and come close to discovery in a daring midnight raid – they realize they must find a new home, away from these dangerous Humans. They set out on their quest and find a mysterious mountain, which is not all it seems.... Will they find their new home? And will Emily ever find the friend she longs for? This is the first of the Dragon Tales chronicles, and will be a firm favourite for reading aloud or reading alone for children aged 5-11."This is a sparkling story of a feisty young dragon, Emily, and her family. In her search for a friend she alerts the family to danger, which means they must move on.Will they find a new home? And will Emily find her special friend? This will be a good length for first readers and a wonderful ‘read aloud’ book for all. I can't wait to read the next one!" - Margaret Forrester