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Book cover for Sex and Social Media, a book by Katrin  Tiidenberg, Emily Van Der Nagel

Sex and Social Media

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Sex on and with social media is
often construed as deviant, risky, or something only teenagers do because they
don’t know better. Yet, academic scholarship has shown that sex on/with social
media can allow people to create and playfully experiment with their identities;
build meaningful relationships; accept themselves or build communities.
This book brings the multiplicity
and richness of sexual practices on, with, and around social media to a
curious, intelligent lay reader, and highlights the discrepancy between the
media headlines (people fearing it) and what popular Google searches show
(people wanting it).
The authors describe how social
media has changed and shaped sex; address the common misconceptions about
socially mediated sex; explain the spaces where social media sex happens, and
the practices that count as social media sex.
Chapters examine the main
misconceptions and anxieties pertaining to socially mediated sex; explore how
sexual social media practices are part of our identity; look at it as a
communal/ group phenomenon; and analyse social media platforms as the
intermediaries and infrastructures shaping and constraining sex.
It offers an academically informed, critical but accessible
discussion on sex and sexuality on and with social media.