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Book cover for Start Scale Sell:  75 lessons for business success, a book by Nick  Suckley

Start Scale Sell

75 lessons for business success
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Whatever you’re
going through with your business, and whatever stage you’re at, this book can
help. Entrepreneur Nick Suckley has built four start-ups and managed three
exits over the last 20 years, through good and bad economic times and all the
ups and downs, the challenges and joys, of being your own boss.He’s distilled his
many years’ experience – good and bad – into these 75 life-lessons for starting,
growing and selling companies.

Start. Scale. Sell. will help you
navigate your journey as a business owner. Discover:·     
the importance of acting like an entrepreneur – even before you take the

the simple Golden Rule for maximising profits

why investing in yourself and your own learning is so crucial

how to hustle and when to pivot

the secrets to building a strong brand

and much more.

These bite-sized
lessons offer accessible, no-nonsense advice for even the most time-poor
entrepreneur. It’s a blueprint for business success from an author who has been
there, done it and has several T-shirts to prove it.

Nick Suckley is a
successful serial entrepreneur with the battle scars to prove it. Now you can
take advantage of the lessons he learnt the hard way.