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Book cover for Strategic Information System Agility:  From Theory to Practices, a book by Abdelkebir  Sahid, Yassine  Maleh, Mustapha  Belaissaoui

Strategic Information System Agility

From Theory to Practices
2020 ᛫
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Available from 04 Dec 2020
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A company's ability to evolve more efficiently than its competitors in a complex, dynamic and unpredictable environment gives it an undeniable advantage. In this context, and with the increasing automation of manufacturing and decision-making processes, the value of IT use is reinforced and becomes an asset for the company, provided that it achieves IT agility and can maintain it. However, practice and research remain unsatisfactory in providing useful answers on how to achieve agility in this environment.

Strategic Information System Agility: From Theory to Practices is an invaluable resource to discover the strategic information technology agility in organizations. The purpose of this book is to improve the awareness of strategic information system agility. This book focuses on the impact of IT systems' strategic agility on organizations' business performance in response to highly uncertain and unexpected events that are potentially significant. The book also includes frameworks, practical solutions and technological advances related to IT agility, and draw from the real world of business through case studies in large organizations.

The book offers comprehensive coverage of essential topics, including: Agility Concept, Enterprise Information System Agility, Conceptual IT Agility, Strategic IT Service Management Agility, Cloud computing as a driver of IT Agility.
The authors deliver comprehensive coverage of the elements necessary for the development and the implementation of effective Information systems strategic agility. Providing the concept, theory, modeling, and architecture of an agile information system, covering the state of the art, concepts, and methodologies for developing information.