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Book cover for Stresshacking:  50 simple strategies to get your life, your mind, and your mojo back, a book by Louise  Lloyd


50 simple strategies to get your life, your mind, and your mojo back
2020 ᛫
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-    Is stress taking over your life?

-    Are you worn out, flat out or continually going all

-    Can you be more own-worse-enemy than own-best-friend?

Keeping up with life’s demands can be relentless.
Stress can morph you into someone you don’t want to be, living a life you don’t
want to live. If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and can’t see the
wood for the trees - fear not!

Stresshacking is full of simple strategies to help

•  See the light at the end of your stress tunnel

•  Overcome your overwhelm

•  Find breathing space in your busyness

•  Turn self-sabotage into self-care

•  Make friends with your fears, your challenges, and
everything else that stands in your way!

For nearly 20 years mindset and wellbeing coach Louise
Lloyd has been helping people to hack stress, limits, and mindsets. She
understands the challenges people face and provides practical and effective
tools to help even the busiest of people get their life on track.

 It’s time to get your life, your mind, and your mojo