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Book cover for Sustainable Transport and Tourism Destinations, a book by Luca  Zamparini

Sustainable Transport and Tourism Destinations

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Transport allows tourists to move from their origins to their destinations and
within destinations. The increase in tourism, and in connected mobility, has
raised sustainability issues in terms of ecological protection and the economic
efficiency of competing destinations. This book examines the links between
transport, tourism, and sustainability by means of a series of large case
studies covering several countries. Themes, frameworks and proposed policies
are discussed throughout the book. The concluding chapter of the book takes an
explicitly comparative approach and highlights the new contributions that
emerge from the case study chapters for both scholars and practitioners.
The Transport and Sustainability
series addresses the important nexus between transport and
sustainability. It contains volumes dealing with a wide range of issues
relating to transport, its impact in economic, social and environmental
spheres, and its interaction with other policy sectors. Editors and authors take a wide range of approaches - some volumes are
general and some specific in nature, and analyses are advanced from a host of
different disciplinary backgrounds and perspectives – but the defining feature
is that each contribution is grounded in a firm appreciation of how its
contents relate to the broader imperatives associated with transport and sustainability.