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Book cover for Your Business, Your Book:  How to plan, write, and promote the book that puts you in the spotlight, a book by Ginny  Carter

Your Business, Your Book

How to plan, write, and promote the book that puts you in the spotlight
2019 ᛫
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*WINNER OF THE BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS 2020!* If you’re a coach, consultant, or speaker who makes a living from your
expertise, this is for you. It’s the guide you need to help you plan, write,
and promote the book that elevates your authority, increases your visibility, and gets more
clients saying ‘yes’. Because creating such a book is a challenge. Where do you
start? How do you keep going until the end? And what do you do when you’ve
finished? Don’t let your book stay in your head – allow it to come to life and make
a positive difference to both you and your readers by following the guidance
you’ll find in here.

Section 1: Plan. Learn how to create a
strategic plan and outline for your book, so it both supports your business and
helps the people you want to reach.

Section 2: Write. Master the art of crafting
your work so it engages, inspires, and educates your readers.

Section 3: Promote. Discover how to market your
book so it sells to a ready-made audience. This is the final step in building a
reputation as the go-to expert in your field.