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Book cover for Advances in Group Processes, a book by Shane R. Thye, Edward J. Lawler

Advances in Group Processes

2018 ᛫
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Advances in Group Processes publishes theoretical
analyses, reviews, and theory-based empirical chapters on group phenomena. The series adopts a broad conception of "group processes." This includes work on
groups ranging from the very small to the very large, and on classic and contemporary
topics such as status, power, trust, justice, social influence, identity,
decision-making, intergroup relations, and social networks.
35 brings together papers related to a variety of topics in small groups and
organizational research. The volume
includes papers that address theoretical and empirical issues relating to
consumer behavior, vocal accommodation, measuring aggression, social identity
theory, and criminal sentencing. Other
contributions examine reverse discrimination, perceptions of responsibility for the behaviors of others, and expectations and coordination in small groups. Overall, the volume includes
papers that reflect a wide range of theoretical approaches from leading
scholars who work in group processes.