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As a young start-up, we live by the feedback of our early adopters and customers. We’d love to hear everything you think about your experiences using Shulph. Your feedback will help us improve your experience, our service, the products and platform. Please send all your feedback to us by email to

Customer & Technical Enquiries

For questions about how Shulph works, including queries about our apps, the physical books and digital books we stock or anything else we can help with, send us an email to

Orders & Returns Enquiries

If you have questions about an order you've made or item you want to return, please email us at Do mention your order number somewhere in your message.

Shulph is an original new app that takes your experience with physical books in an exciting new direction. Whenever you buy a physical book on Shulph, it enables you to get digital access to the same book through your device. So even if you’ve left a beloved book at home on your bookshelf, you’ll still be able to summon the book and read it inside the Shulph app.