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Book cover for Advances in Management Accounting, a book by Mary A. Malina

Advances in Management Accounting

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This volume is a publication of quality applied
research in management accounting.  The volumes
purpose is to publish thought-provoking articles that advance knowledge in the
management accounting discipline and are of interest to both academics and
practitioners.  The book seeks
thoughtful, well-developed articles on a variety of current topics in
management accounting, broadly defined. All research methods including survey
research, field tests, corporate case studies, experiments, meta-analyses, and
modeling are welcome.  Some speculative
articles, research notes, critiques, and survey pieces will be included where
appropriate. Articles may range from purely empirical to purely theoretical,
from practice-based applications to speculation on the development of new
techniques and frameworks.  Empirical
articles must present sound research designs and well-explained execution.  Theoretical arguments must present reasonable
assumptions and logical development of ideas. 
All articles should include well-defined problems, concise
presentations, and succinct conclusions that follow logically from the data.
This volume intends to provide authors with timely reviews clearly indicating
the acceptance status of the manuscript. 
The results of initial reviews normally will be reported to authors
within eight weeks from the date the manuscript is received.  The author will be expected to work with the
Editor, who will act as a liaison between the author and the reviewers to
resolve areas of concern.  To ensure publication,
it is the author’s responsibility to make necessary revisions in a timely and
satisfactory manner.