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Book cover for Big Data Analytics and Intelligence:  A Perspective for Health Care, a book by Poonam  Tanwar, Vishal  Jain, ChuanMing  Liu, Vishal  Goyal

Big Data Analytics and Intelligence

A Perspective for Health Care
2020 ᛫
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Big data is a field of research that is growing rapidly, and as the Covid-19 crisis has shown, health care is an area that could benefit greatly from its increased use and application. Big data, as derived partly from the internet of things and analysed according to specific algorithms, has a large and beneficial role to play in preventative medicine, in monitoring the health of specific groups, and in improving diagnostics.
Big Data Analytics and Intelligence: A Perspective for Health Care focuses on various areas of health care, ranging from nutrition to cancer, and providing diverse perspectives on all of them. This book explores the entire life-cycle of big data, from information retrieval to analysis, and it shows how big data’s applications can enhance, streamline and improve services for patients and health-care professionals. Each chapter focuses on a specific area of health care and how big data is applicable to it, with background and current examples provided.