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Book cover for Performance Measurement and Management Control:  Behavioral Implications and Human Actions, a book by Antonio  Davila, Marc J. Epstein, JeanFrancois  Manzoni

Performance Measurement and Management Control

Behavioral Implications and Human Actions
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  • Page count

    384 pages

  • Category

    Behavioural Accounting

  • Publisher

    Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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This new volume contains selected papers that were presented at the 2013 conference on performance measurement and management control focusing on behavioral implications and human actions associated with the use of performance measurement and management control systems. These systems do not work in a vacuum, rather they guide and motivate how people in organizations and markets behave. The intersection between management tools and human action is a central aspect in these research fields. Yet, multiple variables impact the result of certain designs on the behavior of people. The volume presents issues such as national culture, organizational culture, strategy, technology, partnerships and joint ventures, and the presence of other management systems. The editors hope this book will continue the search for additional understanding and development in performance measurement and management control, and provide guidance for both academic researchers and managers as they work toward improving organizations.