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Book cover for Vue CLI 3 Quick Start Guide:  Build and maintain Vuejs applications quickly with the standard CLI, a book by Ajdin  Imsirovic

Vue CLI 3 Quick Start Guide

Build and maintain Vuejs applications quickly with the standard CLI
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  • Page count

    200 pages

  • Category

    Computers, Utilities

  • Publisher

    Packt Publishing

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    7.2 MB


Build Vue apps the right way using Vue CLI 3. Understand how the building blocks of Vue CLI 3 work including npm, webpack, babel, eslint, plugins, GUI, testing, and SCSS. Import third-party libraries and maintain your project.
Key Features

Learn to work with Vue CLI 3 both on the command line and with a GUI

Manage VueJS apps, settings, Vue plugins, and third-party libraries

Learn how to build Vue apps from scratch using webpack, babel, ES6, vue-router, Jest, Cypress, SCSS, and Git

Book Description
The sprawling landscape of various tools in JavaScript web development is becoming overwhelming. This book will show you how Vue CLI 3 can help you take back control of the tool chain. To that end, we'll begin by configuring webpack, utilizing HMR, and using single-file .vue components. We'll also use SCSS, ECMAScript, and TypeScript. We'll unit test with Jest and perform E2E testing with Cypress.

This book will show you how to configure Vue CLI as your default way of building Vue projects. You'll discover the reasons behind using webpack, babel, eslint, and other modern JavaScript toolchain technologies. You'll learn about the inner workings of each through the lens of Vue CLI 3. We'll explore the extendibility of Vue CLI with the built-in settings, and various core and third-party plugins.

Vue CLI helps you work with Vue components, routers, directives, and services in the Vue ecosystem. While learning these concepts, you'll examine the evolution of JavaScript. You'll learn about use of npm, IIFEs, modules in JavaScript, Common.js modules, task runners, npm scripts, module bundlers, and webpack. You'll get familiar with the reasons why Vue CLI 3 is set up the way it is. You'll also learn to perform linting with ESLint and Prettier.

Towards the end, we'll introduce you to working with styles and SCSS. Finally, we'll show you how to deploy your very own Vue project on Github Pages.

What you will learn

Work with nvm, install Node.js and npm, use Vue CLI 3 with no configuration, via the command line and the graphical user interface

Build a Vue project from scratch using npm and webpack, and learn about hot module replacement

Work with Babel settings, configurations, and presets

Work with Vue plugins, including testing plugins such as Jest and Cypress

Write, run, and watch unit and E2E tests using TDD assertions in the red-green-refactor cycle

Work with Vue router and use, nested, lazy-loading, and dynamic routes

Add SCSS to your projects and work with third-party Vue plugins

Deploy your Vue apps to Github Pages

Who this book is for
This book is for existing web developers and developers who are new to web development. You must be familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming. Basic knowledge of the command line will be helpful but is not necessary.