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Book cover for How to be a Change Superhero:  The business toolkit to help you to 'do' change better, a book by Lucinda  Carney

How to be a Change Superhero

The business toolkit to help you to 'do' change better
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Most of us have experienced
change being ‘done’ to us – badly. It really doesn’t have to be that way!

This book is for managers who
have tried to deliver business change but felt frustrated and disempowered by
the experience. It is for people who want to stand up and make a difference igniting
and inspiring successful change but don’t know where to start. This book is a complete
toolkit for aspiring Change Superheroes!Lucinda Carney C.Psychol uses
her decades of business experience to: ·      explain the repeated, human causes of failed change·      uncover the secrets to delivering sustainable change·      provide prospective Change Superheroes with the
confidence to deliver their own successful business change·      share case studies; downloadable tools and real-life
examples of successful change.Let’s change the way we do