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Book cover for Strip Naked and Re-dress with Happiness:  How to survive and thrive through personal challenge, a book by Maria  Hocking

Strip Naked and Re-dress with Happiness

How to survive and thrive through personal challenge
2017 ᛫
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Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness is
a handbook not only for surviving adversity, but for discovering how to thrive
as a result. Maria Hocking’s own inspiring personal story is woven throughout
the book, accompanied by ‘changing room tips’ - tools and techniques to help
you understand your emotions and behaviours, and move through personal
challenge. You’ll discover that ‘getting naked’ – losing what you used to take
for granted - is an opportunity to let go of who you thought you were, and find
out who you really are.

Enter the changing room to change your mind and your
life. Maria is walking, talking, pen pushing proof that these tips work,
because she used them to change her own life. Within every challenge lies a
gift, just waiting to be discovered: this book will open your eyes to help you
find it, and discover a higher level of happiness as a result.